Matt Purciel Photography


California has some of the most photogenic seascapes in all of the world. California is defined by its beach culture, seascapes and classic sunsets. With it's rugged topography and upwelling of the Pacific Ocean the interaction creates an amazing diversity of life along with great weather conditions. In the winter, the jet stream brings an abundant supply of Pacific storms that allow for ample opportunities for incredible light and brilliant red and orange colors that can last for over twenty minutes. Part of the fun but also one of the challenges of shooting seascapes are the timing of the tides and can determine the composition. Some of my favorite seascapes to photograph are the local areas around Malibu and Los Angeles. The classic Pacific Coast Hwy suprisingly has a lot to offer for seascape landscapes. Feel free to browse this Seascapes collection. The fine art found in this gallery are available to purchasein the form of limited-edition prints, created using high-end materials such as acrylic and craftmanship for your enjoyment.